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AGSL Email Client SDK
Platform: Windows CE, Windows Mobile

We provide the SDK for integrating email capabilities to embedded devices. The SDK provides the programming interface for application softwares. It comes with complete source code along with sample code that can be used as a reference for user inteface design for email settings. The various complex capabilities are handled in the core SDK. This library can be easily integrated to your existing software. Out of the many capabilities the SDK provides, some of them are:

  • Change to different folders
  • Open messages from the folders
  • Manage the folders
  • Create and send message
  • Send message to multiple destination
  • Message attachments
  • Setup connection to incoming and outgoing server using standard protocols.

Outgoing protocol:

  • SMTP
    • SMTP server authorization.
    • Secured SMTP protocol with SSL.
    • STARTTLS support.
    • Support authorization via AUTH command
    • TLS secured mode.

Incoming protocol:

  • POP3
    • Secured POP3 protocol with SSL
    • TLS secured mode.
  • IMAP
    • Secured IMAP protocol with SSL
    • TLS secured mode

For more about AGSL Email Client, contact:

USB CDC-ACM Class Driver
Platform: Windows CE, Windows Mobile

This driver interfaces with USB device that are compliant with the USB Communication Device Class (CDC) specifications and the Abstract Control Model (ACM) subclass. This driver can be included into the Windows CE device either by installation on the device or by including the driver binary file into the Windows CE OS build system.

On connection of the CDC compliant device, the driver creates a virtual COM port to the application. This COM port can be used by the application for normal serial communication with the device. Get a trial version of the driver from here.

For more about the USB CDC-ACM Class driver, contact us at: